Non Fixation of HSRPs “CH01-BN/BQ/BR on Vehicles may turns towards violations Soon

Chandigarh, 13th February 2018: It is for the information of general public/residents of Chandigarh that the process for affixing of High-Security Registration Plates on new vehicles as well as on already registered vehicles has been started. The process for affixation of HSRP for registration series CH01-BP has been completed by giving time from 26.12.2017 to 15.02.2018.

                   Now, the owners of vehicle having registration number “CH01-BN” shall apply for affixation of HSRP from 16.02.2018 to 31.03.2018 at their respective offices with the request on plain paper mentioning the detail of Chassis Number, Engine Number, Make, Model, copy of Registration Certificate of the vehicle and copy of valid insurance within above said period.

Moreover, the process for affixation of HSRPs on vehicles which are being registered with current series i.e. CH01-BQ and CH01-BR will also be taken up with the above-said series i.e. CH01-BN. Failing which, the Traffic Police, UT, Chandigarh can challan the vehicles of the initiated series.