NSS Kolkata Golden Jubilee Lecture Series-1 – “Covid-19 Pandemic and the Role of National Service Scheme”

New Delhi: The National Service Scheme unit of Bangabasi Morning College, Kolkata, has Organised NSS Kolkata Golden Jubilee Lecture Series-1 for the first time in the country under the initiative taken by Regional Directorate, Kolkata for the glorious 50 years celebration of NSS. This Webinar has been conducted on   25/7 /20 and titled “Covid-19 Pandemic and the Role of National Service Scheme”. There have been a total of 620 Registered Participants in the Webinar. There have been four Honorable Speakers in the Webinar. Among them, two have been the Resource Persons and the other two have been the Experienced NSS volunteers.

Smt. Shipra Haldar, Teacher In-Charge, Bangabasi Morning College, has been the Chief Patron. The Programme has been started with the inaugural speech of the Convenor, Dr. Tulika Chakravorty, Assistant Professor, NSS Programme Officer, Bangabasi Morning College. Mr. Agnimeel Das, Youth officer, Regional directorate, NSS, Kolkata, has been a Special Guest and admired the determination of the NSS unit to work amid this Covid-19 Pandemic. A beautiful performance video with the message of “Hope “has been presented by the NSS unit.

A Public Speaker, Social Activist, Recipient of Indira Gandhi Award 2019, Member of NSS Contingent in the Republic Day Parade of 2018 at the Raj Path, Active member of NSS for the last five years and awarded the State Best Volunteer Award Previously, Ms.Gami Bogo from Arunachal Pradesh has been the first distinctive Speaker between the Resource Persons. She has shared her knowledge based on her experience which she has gained as an NSS volunteer. She has talked about her times of struggle and how she has become an NSS volunteer and why NSS has become essential for our nation and what role does it play. She has even shared the message of having hope and faith in ourselves and to do our part in society. The Next distinctive Resource Speaker has been Dr. Sachidananda Roy, Assistant Professor, Programme Officer, Recipient of National and State Awards from Bankura Christian College, who has spoken about how to be part of NSS and that the role of NSS is not to be underestimated. He has conveyed the message that people need to work in practical life rather than spending their unnecessary time in online social media apps and that this awareness can be spread only through the work of NSS.

The two Experienced NSS Volunteers – Mr. Bittu Laha, NSS Volunteer and Attended International Youth Delegation -2019 as Delegate Organized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India and Ms. Ratna Paul, NSS Volunteer and Social Activist, Awardee of State level Best NSS Volunteer 2018, Best NSS Volunteer Awardee, CU, 2019, have shared their success stories and how hard they have worked to help the society through NSS. Then, another important video has been presented by the NSS unit of Bangabasi Morning College, which has shown the initiatives they have taken for the betterment of the society amid this Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.

The Programme has been appreciated by everyone and each of the speakers thanked the Convenor and the NSS Volunteers for their dedicating efforts. Lastly, Mr. Chandan Roy conveyed thanks to the respected speakers, senior NSS volunteers, participants, and paid gratitude towards the Convenor Dr. Tulika Chakravorty, Ms.Meholi Roy for Technical assistance and Ms. Chayanika Debnath for Rapporteuring of the Lecture Series.

Following issues have been highlighted in the Webinar:

  • NSS needs to get more importance in society.
  • NSS should not be misunderstood as any political party or any publicity platform. It is rather the largest non-political platform in the Nation.
  • NSS is working even in this COVID-19 pandemic for the welfare of society but is not being much highlighted by the media.

Awareness needs to be spread regarding the work of the NSS unit in the nation and they must be respected

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