“Odisha University Amendment Act-2020” Opposition to Higher Education: Dr. Lekhshree Samant Singhar

Bhubaneswar, Taruna Kanta Mohanty, 16/09/2020: The state government is trying to assert its dominance in all areas by abusing power. Why is the state government trying to implement the Odisha University Amendment Act 2020 in a hurry and forcibly? The state government has not discussed with any intellectuals, academics, eminent citizens, beneficiaries on the issue of the new education law, the state government’s autonomy has been eroded due to the intervention of administrative officials and the chancellor’s dignity has been undermined.

All of this is being done hastily with the help of a handful of administrative officials. The most recent example is the Odisha University Amendment Act-2020. The state government hurriedly approved the law on September 4. He did not even discuss the issue with any intellectuals, academics, prominent citizens, or benefactors. The state education secretary, on the other hand, has begun interfering in the day-to-day work of universities as the law is not passed. As a result, the university’s sovereignty is being eroded and the chancellor’s dignity is being undermined. “It is unfortunate that this will reduce the quality of higher education in the state,” said Dr. Lekhshree Samantasinghe, state general secretary. The process of selecting chancellors in universities is done through a search committee set up by the governor. The role of the Secretary of Education in this is not at all.

However, on the eve of the passage of the Odisha University Amendment Act-2020, the state education secretary immediately wrote a letter to the governor asking him to submit applications for the post of chancellor in universities. Three days later, on the 7th, the Secretary of Education wrote a letter to the OPSC instructing the university to expedite the recruitment process by examining vacant faculty positions.

The Secretary of Education has written to all the Registrars and Auditors (Finance) of all the universities in the state yesterday and directed them to attend the meeting to be held today through video conferencing. The meeting decided to discuss the implementation of all the rules in the Act. Dr. Samant Singh questioned why the state government was trying to implement the “Odisha University Amendment Act-2020” in a hasty and forceful manner without discussing it in the Assembly session on the 29th. “Employing teachers and non-teachers according to the process is the fundamental freedom of the universities and the freedom to provide quality education,” he said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In addition, becoming the chief administrative officer of the institution, Dr. Samant Singh said that the quality of the education system and education would be reduced due to political interference and pressure. While all the educators, intellectuals, eminent citizens, and beneficiaries of the state are protesting against the “Odisha University Amendment Act-2020”, the state government has hastily and forcibly enforced its anti-higher education message. In the interest of higher education in the state, the state government has demanded the immediate repeal of the law.

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