Opposition leader Khaira using national emblem and national flag on his vehicle for which he is not entitled: Channi

Chandigarh, 15 April: Punjab Technical Education and Industrial Training Minister and senior Congress leader Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi have levelled serious legations against the leader of the opposition and Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr. Sukhpal Singh Khaira for misusing the national flag and national emblem on his vehicle which he is not entitled. In a press release issued here, Mr. Channi said that there are specific instructions for using national emblem and national flag on vehicles but the leader of opposition Mr. Khaira is violating those norms as he is not entitled to use national flag and national emblem.

  He is not a minister, he is the leader of opposition enjoying facilities equivalent to a minister. Yet he is not a minister in terms of the law. Hence not entitled to the use of the national flag and national emblem on his car as per provisions of the Flag code of India and the Emblems and Names ( prevention of improper use) Act,1950 and the rules framed thereunder.

 Mr. Channi alleged that Mr. Khaira always creates drama in the name of VIP culture in one way or the other but he himself enjoys all the facilities of VIP culture. He said that Mr. Sukhpal Khaira has been brought up in a VIP culture as his father was a police officer and a minister, therefore, he can not live without VIP culture. He said that Mr. Khaira is a drama leader who always tries to befool people by resorting to such tactics whereas in real life he enjoys VIP cultured.

  Mr. Channi further said that as per the provisions of using national emblem and flag Mr. Sukhplal Khaira should be fined and prosecuted. He said he is writing to the Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha to take action against Mr. Sukhpal Khaira for violating the norms. He said that the Punjabi proverb ‘ Haathi de daand dikhan nu hor te khan nu hor’ comes true in case of Khaira who project himself pro people face whereas the reality is that he is power hungry and want to enjoy the VIP culture by clinging to power by hook or crook.He also appealed to the people of Punjab to be aware of such activities of such double-faced leaders.