Protests for Democracy in Rajasthan: Odisha Pradesh Congress

Bhubaneswar, Prasanna Kumar Bhuyan, 27/07/2020: The BJP government at the Center in Bhubaneswar is endangering the country’s democratic system and is constantly trying to overthrow the government elected by the people in the Congress-ruled states illegally, said PCC president Niranjan Patnaik. The Congress has accused the Congress MLAs of inciting unrest in the government by attracting finance and ministerial temptations. The BJP has rejected the proposal for an emergency assembly session with the cabinet approval of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. In a protest rally in front of the Raj Bhavan today to protect democracy on behalf of the Congress, Mr. Patnaik said the BJP was using money and force, as well as misusing the central administrative system to lure money to elected legislators. BJP leaders are reluctant to resort to force if they fail to subjugate the required number of legislators with money and power to avoid the law by cleverly swaying the party. Even the elected legislators are being harassed. Members of his cabinet, including Prime Minister Shri Modi, Home Minister Shri Saha, are prioritizing such a corrupt system. As a result, the Constitution and Democracy of India are in jeopardy today. Was able to overthrow the government. While the Karona epidemic has cast a shadow over the country, it is the Modi government’s priority to create instability in the Congress government rather than the lives of the people. The situation in the country is dire, the poor have lost their livelihoods and livelihoods. No effort is being made. The majority of Congress government is not allowed to prove it in the Assembly. Through the Governor of Rajasthan, the BJP leaders at the Center continue to misuse the constitutional system. This is not a healthy democratic tradition. In this case, the demise of democracy in India could take place. Such unconstitutional behavior has been increasing day by day since the BJP government came to power in the country. The protest was led by the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee today in protest of the BJP and the central government’s similar behavior and for the protection of democracy and the constitution. The protest rally, led by President Shri Niranjan Patnaik, was attended by Acting President Shri Pradeep Majhi. MLAs Suresh Kumar Rautaray, Taraprasad Bahinipati, Panchanan Kanungo, Debashis Patnaik, Jagannath Patnaik, Bipin Das, Sivananda Roy, Umaballav Rath, Manoranjan Das, Gyan Ranjan Behura, Bishwaranjan Das, Rajeev Patnaik, Sudarshan Das, Abhishek Mahananda Haldhar Sethi, Rajni Kumar Mohanty, Amiya Pandav, Padmakar Guru, Janaki Ballabh Patnaik, Bushwajit Das, Deepak Kumar Mohapatra, Manash Acharya, Sushant Tripathi, Lingaraj Sahu, Chinmoy Das, Tarun Mishra, Prakash Mishra, Yashir Mohammad, Jambeswar Jena, Deo Prasad, Naresh Mohanty, Jayakrishna Subuddhi, Prasanna Nayak, Mohan Jena, Lalatendu Das, Sushant Behera, Kankalta Mallik, Sankuna Kanhar, Aditya Pritam Das, Niranjan Nayak, Ranjit Patra, Manoranjan Raut Oh, Lulu Mishra Mishra was the main participant.