Punjab and Chandigarh Nirankari Youth Forum Inaugurated at Panchkula Tau Devi Lal Stadium

Panchkula/ 03 Jan:   Nirankari  Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj today inaugurated Punjab and Chandigarh Nirankari Youth Forum at Tau Devi Lal Stadium Sector – 3, here today .

On this occasion, while addressing the saints from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and few areas of Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir she said that around 35 thousand youth from Punjab and Chandigarh has registered for this event. Earlier the games were organized at Zone Level and Inter Zone Level and the teams who have succeeded at Inter-Zone level have shown their skills in different games today in the stadium. The form of cooperation, love, and brotherhood which have been shown over here is the only message of the Nirankari Mission.

Satguru Mata Ji further said that the purpose of these games is to channelize the energy of the youth in the right direction to support in making a beautiful society. The youth should keep up the feeling of Sewa, Satsang, and Simran. By focusing on Nirankar, we should follow the path shown by the elders and apply their knowledge for our better future.

Satguru Mata Ji said that any vehicle requires alignment from time to time for proper balancing. In the same way to make balancing of body and mind through various old and scientific games by connecting it with spirituality.  Every game has its connectivity with spirituality. As the concentration and the team spirit is shown in the games, the same is required in spirituality also. If we are good by health only then one can perform Sewa, Satsang, and Simran perfectly.

Satguru Mata Ji greeted everyone at the beginning of New Year and said each one of you keeps this enthusiasm not today but in the coming times also.

Sports like Badminton, VolleyBall, LongJump, Athletics, Kabaddi, Cricket, taekwondo, etc. were taken place here today. These sports not only energize the youth but also improves the competency of the youngsters and lead themselves towards spirituality.

After the inauguration of the Nirankari Youth Forum by Satguru Mata Ji, youth saints presented various cultural items like Gidha, Bhangra, and yoga-related activities.