R.D Burman wanted to work with me, says Lesle Lewis

Mumbai: Colonial Cousins member and famed music director Lesle Lewis says the legendary composer R.D Burman wanted to work with him.

Lewis, who merged Indian and Western music into some pioneering melodies in songs like “Krishna”, “Let Me See the Love”, and “Sa Ni Dha Pa” said: “Pancham da (as Burman as ppularly called) used to compose songs for the new generation. After his demise, once Asha ji (Bhosle) told me that he wanted to work with you. He is not alive so now will you do it?”

“I felt he (Pancham) could have done it with any musician but he wished to recreate music with me. Unfortunately he is no more now but this is my tribute to him,” he said at an event to announce his new live concert ‘Bollywood Badshah’.

Asked if a biopic is made on the famous composer, whom he thinks can portray Burman best, Lewis said: “I can’t take a decision on that. I am an ardent follower of him and his music. Our origin of music is the same. So I do have the same feel what he felt about music.”

Lewis who pioneered indie pop music in the industry will be reinventing Bollywood music again with “Bollywood Badshah”.

“‘Bollywood Badshah’ concert is about recreating some old music as well as new songs. The ultimate focus is entertainment. I do not tell the audience: come and listen to my songs. I say come, enjoy and let’s rock. I have lovely female singers and folk singers in my band. It will be a rocking performance. So come and enjoy the Bollywood songs but in Lesle style,” he said.