Rehabilitation of New Citizens 

New Delhi:

A scheme namely “Rehabilitation Package and up-gradation of the infrastructure of the Bangladeshi Enclaves and Cooch Behar District after transfer of enclaves between India and Bangladesh” has been approved by Government at a cost of Rs. 1005.99 crore for a period of five years commencing from 2015-16. Out of this amount, Rs. 423 crore has been released to State Government of West Bengal up to 28.02.2018. The Government of West Bengal has submitted utilization certificate for Rs. 260 crore. The scheme has provision for the creation of infrastructure in Cooch Behar District of West Bengal and former Bangladeshi enclaves in India and also for providing temporary and permanent rehabilitation of returnees from the former Indian enclaves in Bangladesh.

922 persons comprising 201 families have returned from former Indian enclaves in Bangladesh.