Representatives of Municipal Corporation and Committees are gathering in Shimla to discuss the issues related to Human –Monkey conflict

Shimla/ 02nd Dec 2019: Wild Life Wing of the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department is organizing a day workshop on the issues of monkey menace at Marina Hotel in Shimla on 3rd Dec 2019.  Sh Govind Thakur, Hon’ble Forest, Transport, Sports and Youth Services Minister Himachal Pradesh will be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Representatives of Municipal Corporation and Committees of the state are invited to attend the workshop and discuss the issues related to Human –Monkey conflict.

Himachal Pradesh had been the habitat of monkeys (rhesus macaque) for centuries, but was never in conflict with human beings. In the last three to four decades, their behavior started changing, because of various reasons including; increasing population, habitat shrinkage and fragmentation, availability of easy food in the towns and villages. Government of Himachal Pradesh has always been sensitive to the issue and has therefore been a pioneer in making efforts to curb the menace. Many efforts were made during the period to control this menace. Himachal Pradesh became the first state in scientifically managing the fast-growing monkey population.  Wildlife Wing of Himachal Pradesh Forest Department has been making efforts in controlling the monkey population by way of mass sterilization.  In addition, many other activities have been undertaken to mitigate the monkey-menace including awareness generation about not feeding the monkeys, managing garbage, getting the monkey declared as vermin, deploying of eco-task personnel at sensitive spots, enriching the forests by planting fruit-bearing tree species.

In this one day workshop, information regarding efforts made by the department will be disseminated and expectations of the public through their representatives will also be the outcome of the workshop, which will be included while formulating the future strategy of the department. In addition suggestion and comments shall also be sought from the participants to manage the issue effectively. The workshop will have two technical sessions. One of the sessions shall be devoted to group exercises and presentation of the recommendation of the groups. This participatory approach will pave the way for managing conflict more effectively with people’s participation.