Seminar on Mobile De-Addiction: Second Inning Association

Chandigarh: Second Inning Association held a, unique and first of its kind, seminar on Mobile De-addiction at Le Corbusier Centre, Sector 19, Chandigarh. At the outset, Dr. Manjula welcomed all the guests, who participate on the issue at larger concerns. The guests, Professor Vinod Chaudhary (Ass. Professor– Environmental Sociology), Mr. Vinod Mehta (A Neuro Artist), Professor. Mr. L.R. Bhudania (Environmentalist)  and Professor Bhupinder (A Video Blogger), honoured with a sacred Tulsi Plant.

In the precedential address, Mr. R.K. Garg discussed the activities and developments of SIA, like issue of property tax, water pollution and condition of trees and roads in Chandigarh, since the last meeting held on 23rd March 2019. The topic was selected keeping in view the way mobile phones especially internet had captured the lives of people. Instead of being a servant, technology has indeed become the master.  Then he discussed regarding the history of mobile usage, its benefits in large and in general, and transformation of mobile how it became from our servant to our master. The condition of society after the usage of mobile extensively was also discussed.

Thereafter young CA Keshav Garg, discussed the issue in details with facts and figures and introduced the concept of Internet addiction ailment. He discussed about various symptoms of internet addiction. He promised to take the issue further by arranging talks in Punjab University, Colleges, Coaching Institutions with the guidance of professor Vinod Chaudhary. Thereafter Mr. Vinod Mehta, discussed the impact of excessive use of mobile and possible measures to combat the greater impact on children and other members of the society. Then Professor Vinod Chaudhary delivered the key note address and discussed the general condition of the society vis-a-viz the impact of mobile. He also discussed about the remedies to reduce the worst impact of mobile on entire society. He also discussed the ways to keep ourselves away from the mobiles.