Sneha Wagh’s character takes inspiration from iconic diva Rekha in Chandragupta Maurya

Chandigarh: Well known television actress Sneha Wagh who was previously seen playing the mysterious and mentally disturbed, ‘Tulsa’ in Sony Entertainment Television’s, Mere Sai, is currently playing Mura, Chandragupta Maurya’s mother in the historical show Chandragupta Maurya. Overtime, viewers have witnessed the grandeur of the show through its visuals and characters which continues to be the focus point of viewer engagement. The show has taken a leap of 5 years where all the major characters have undergone interesting makeovers and the plots have seen shocking twists and turns. In the show, Sneha Wagh’s character who is a strong and fearless warrior, has undergone various look changes post leap where she is seen in unrecognizable disguises to confuse Saurabh Raaj Jain a.k.a. Dhananand. The upcoming track will focus on the marriage ceremony of princess Aditi Sanwal a.k.aDhurdhara and Ankur Nayar a.k.a Ambi Kumar where, Mura who will be present during the ceremonies in a masquerading look of a dancer will try to rescue Dhurdhara from the marriage.

The interesting part of Sneha’s look is that it resembles Rekha’s magnificent portrayal of, ‘Vasantsena’ from her film, ‘Ustav’ based on as Sanskrit play named Mrichakatika. Legendary and iconic actress Rekha as everyone knows is referred to as Bollywood’s ultimate Diva who has ruled the hearts of many and continues to do the same with her timeless talent and ageless beauty. Taking inspiration from her look in the movie, the overall look of Sneha Wagh is so fascinating that once she was ready, everyone could not ignore the uncanny resemblance Shena’s look had to that of Rekha from the movie.

When asked Shena Wagh who plays Mura, she shares, “I was very thrilled when I got to know that my look in the show is inspired by the evergreen actress Rekha Ji. The entire team has made a great effort to match my look with the of Rekha Ji’s from the movie Utsav. To a great extent, it also makes nervous and excited at the same time because in the move, she carried her look with extreme grace and poise and I have grown up watching her movies. I feel fortunate to be remaking the same look in Chandragupta Maurya and looking forward to do justice to my character Mura.”