Soon Chandigarh Residents Able To Find Tradesman, Skilled Labor and Domestic Help Online

Chandigarh: Being Anna Movement In-charge during the Anna movement & conducting “Anna movement” in Chandigarh successfully, Rahul Bhartiya has again activated himself in Chandigarh city. During the anna movement, Rahul Bhartiya was fighting against corruption and this time, its against unemployment and poor income. With a mission to give employment and good income source to needy, Rahul Bhartiya has launched a website, which will ensure employment generation and good earnings to tradesman/ Skilled labor/ manpower/ domestic helps etc.sitting at home.

Online enrollment of more than 50 tradesman/ skilled labor done on the first day.

Rahul Bhartiya today launched an online platform for enrolment of Tradesman, skilled labor & Domestic Helpers like Car Washerman, Carpenter, Clothes Washing Man/ Woman, Cobbler, Driver, Electrician, Helper, Home Cleaner Man/ Woman, Mason, Nanny, Painter, Plumber, Sewerage Cleaner, Tailor, Utensils Cleaner Man/ Woman, Fruits Seller/ Hawker, Vegetables Seller/ Hawker< cook, tailor, etc. This online platform will be completely free for a lifetime.

Rahul Bhartiya said that “Today almost everybody has a phone and is connected with internet via their smartphones, laptops or computers. Phone with the Internet has become the basic necessity for any kind of search, findings, and requirements”. There are various household/ office works for which we require different kind of tradesman, labor, manpower about whom we don’t know. To search for them, either we need to talk to our knowns or goto labor chowk most of the time. That’s where this online platform will help people to connect with the right tradesman/ domestic help and others to get the task/ work done. will have the facility of star ratings. It will help people to know about the workmanship of tradesmen and search for the right kind of person.

Rahul Bhartiya said that Initially the campaign has been started from Indira Colony, Chandigarh. Slowly and gradually this campaign will be run in whole Chandigarh. Target is to enroll 5000 people from Chandigarh city till March 2020 ensuring a better livelihood for them with good earnings and work sitting at home. This service is free for a lifetime and nobody will be charged even a single rupee ever for this service and enrollment.

Rahul Bhartiya said that soon Chandigarh residents will be able to find all kinds of tradesmen. skilled labor/ manpower, domestic help online with their photographs, contact, experience details and other relevant information.

Today the campaigning was done at the Main market of Indira Colony from 5 to 6:30 pm. Around 50 enrollments were done on the first day of the short campaign. The kind of response received, we are sure that we will be able to achieve the target of 5000 enrollments soon.