SPSTI And AvH Joined Hands to celebrate International Year of Periodic Table (IYPT 2019)

Chandigarh: Anyone who has studied basic Chemistry would be familiar with the Periodic Table of    Chemical Elements that was first published by Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev on February 17, 1869. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has declared 2019 as the Year of the Periodic Table, in recognition of its 150th anniversary.
SPSTI and Chandigarh Chapter of the Humboldt Foundation (AvH) joined hands to celebrate International Year of Periodic Table (IYPT 2019) by organizing few events in schools and colleges with a view to inculcate in their students an interest in the Periodic Table, as well as science in general. This
program is supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Chandigarh Administration.
To commemorate the International Year of Periodic Table, SPSTI conducted Invited Lectures on Transuranic Elements of Periodic Table at GGDSD College, Sector-32, Chandigarh, and Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector-23, NYC on Friday & Saturday respectively.
The Lectures were delivered by Prof. Alok Srivastava of Panjab University in GGDSD College & by Prof. Tej Vir Singh, Formerly of Panjab University at GMSSS, Sector-23, NYC. Prof. P.V. Bharatam, Former Director, NIPER Mohali, Dr. Balraj Thapar, Principal, GGDSD College & Prof. Sajeev Soni, Dean Sciences were the invited guests.
Where Prof. Srivastava interacted with the undergraduates explaining many important facts of the Periodic Table, how & when's of the discovery of various elements, radioactive isotopes, stability of nucleus, actinides, superactinides, etc., Prof. Singh got involved with the students of Model School in an attempt to develop scientific temperament among them through his examples from daily
The Lectures were followed by Question-Answer Sessions in which students participated actively with the Speakers. Finally, Periodic Table & Certificates of Participation were presented to all the attendees.