Storytelling Session of Bloggers Alliance Chandigarh

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Chapter of Bloggers Alliance – an Association of Bloggers, Storytellers, and Creators, organized a special session of storytelling, where renowned animal welfare activist Mr. Vikas Luthra explained the fine elements of ‘Art of Storytelling’. The bloggers and storytellers meet took place at Green View 34. It was an interesting session of storytelling sitting in the winter sun, while sipping the hot cuppa of tea.

“Have you ever noticed that all the interesting cartoon films always move around the characters of animals and birds. The stories of animals easily touch our soul and they are hard to forget. Children are mostly fascinated with such stories, which remain imprinted on their brain the whole of their life,” said Vikas Luthra, founder of Furever Friends, animal rescue organization. He is also heading the Bloggers Alliance community of animal storytellers.

Mr. Narvijay Yadav, President, Chandigarh Chapter of Bloggers Alliance, said, “The world moves around stories. From childhood to elder age, we are always surrounded by various stories. Actually we grow up with stories. The subjects of stories are scattered around us. One should develop an eye to find the story behind each and everything. Bloggers Alliance is here to help the budding storytellers.”

The story session was addressed by Ms. Navita Ahuja, a software engineer with Infosys and Dr. Ritesh Arya, founder of Earth Science Centre, Kasauli.