Team of Doctors perform a Lifesaving Surgery Flow Diverted Surg for Brain Hemorrhage at Paras Hospital Panchkula to save the life of a 41yr old patient

Panchkula 15th July 2020: To create awareness on Hemorrhagic Brain Stroke & Aneurysms team of Doctors from Paras Super-specialty Hospital Panchkula, addressed the media person today. Present on the occasion were Dr. Prof Vivek Gupta, Senior Consultant& Head Interventional Neuroradiology& Dr. Anil Dhingra, Associate Director  Neuro Surgery from Paras Hospital, Panchkula.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke is becoming an important cause of premature death and disability in India- Dr. Anil Dhingra.

Addressing the media person Dr. Vivek Gupta said “Hemorrhagic Stroke and Aneurysms are emerging as a major problem in India with 1.5 to 2.0 laccases of Aneurysms reported across the country every year most of them are life-threatening.  The actual numbers are bound to be higher as many of these patients never reach health care facilities. The advanced treatment of these aneurysms is possible by neurointerventional techniques using Coils and Flow Diverters. Very few centers are offering this form of treatment in the country. There are fewer than 50 centers in the country offering this and Paras Hospitals Panchkula is one of them to start this in the Panchkula Region. This form of treatment does not involve a big scar or operation and can be done through a small hole in the groin.


  • Non-surgical treatment of Brain Aneurysms boiling & Flow Diverter Technique now available at Paras Hospital Panchkula – Dr. Prof Vivek Gupta

On this occasion, Dr. Vivek Gupta said, a patient by name of Ram Kumar 41 yr old male was brought to the hospital in an unconscious state from Kurukshetra, with paralysis and chance of full recovery were very less. On advanced investigations, it was found that a critical artery in the brain had a Blister aneurysm that had burst causing a lot of bleeding inside the brain. Our team of doctors treated this patient with an advanced neuro intervention technique called ‘FLOW DIVERSION’ which was the first time done in any hospital in the Panchkula region. The patient was treated very aggressively for around 8days in the hospital but finally, he was able to walk out from the hospital without any paralysis or other problems. Very few patients with such a type of bleeding in the brain survive, he added.

  • Around 1.5 to 2 Lac new cases of Brain Aneurysms reported in India every year, most of which are, life-threatening- Dr. Vivek Gupta

Neuro-interventional surgery is a very advanced and relatively new field and there are less than 100 specialists in this country. Paras Hospitals Panchkula is the only hospital in this region having this super-specialty with one of the most experienced teams of doctors in Neuro Sciences.


  • All Brain Aneurysms can be treated by Neuro Intervention or Neuro Surgery if detected at an early Stage- Dr. Anil Dhingra

Speaking on this occasion Dr. Anil Dhingra said that “Hemorrhagic stroke is a condition wherein bleeding can occur either due to increased blood pressure or due to a condition known as a cerebral aneurysm, where a brain artery becomes a week, bulges like a balloon and ultimately bursts. One-third of these patients die before reaching the hospital, half of those who reach in time are left with serious disabilities.

For years the only treatment for the aneurysms stroke was open brain surgery. But now with the advent of technology, we also have a minimally invasive way of treating aneurysms without opening the brain. The entire treatment is done through a small 3mm hole in the leg with no or very minimal blood loss. This method in common terms is known as “Coiling” of the aneurysm or arm because platinum coils/Stents are used to treat the aneurysms.

Dr. Vivek Gupta also shared that “The important thing about Hemorrhagic stroke is that time is of the essence. If these Aneurysms are not treated in time, they can burst again and can cause the death of the patient. So, patients should be rushed at the earliest to the nearest Neuro Sciences center having both Surgical and Neuro Interventional back to treat this kind of emergency. For treating such Medical emergencies, a multidisciplinary team comprising of emergency physicians, neurologists, interventional neuro-radiologists, neurosurgeons, anesthetists, and critical care physicians is a must. In addition to this dedicated and trained nursing care and physiotherapy is important. Also, the hospital needs to have inhouse CT/MRI machines of good quality to diagnose the cause of stroke and to make treatment decisions at the earliest. In Indian cities including Metro cities, not more than 50 Hospitals throughout India are offering treatment of Hemorrhagic stroke by Neuro Interventions.

Important things to Know about Hemorrhagic Stroke/ Bleeding in Brain

1 Sudden severe Headache, typically called the Worst Headache of Life.

2 Frequent Headache associated with double vision, numbness of the face, and pain behind Eyes.

3 Don’t give Aspirin or any other Blood thinner, without getting an urgent CT scan.

4 Keep a close watch on Blood pressure levels of a patient while shifting to Tertiary Hospital.

5 Increased Blood Pressure and Smoking are Major risk factors for rupture/ bleeding of Aneyrusms.