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The CAG states in its report that the ‘West Odisha Development Council’ has set up barriers and provides a grant of Rs 1,000 crore annually to the state government: Pradeep Purohit

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Biswaranjan Mishra, 08/10/2020: West Odisha Development Council (CSTC) has demanded that the headquarters of West Odisha Development Council be made anywhere in western Odisha, as an exception to the development of West Odisha. The trend can be moved out of the Thaithon center. According to the report of the ruling BJP CAG, the party is using the funds as funds. The state government is incapable of development of western Odisha as it is believed that the development expenditure of the irrigation council by the Development Council between 2014-19 is 19. 3 has been disbursed in private educational institutions and Rs. 9.11 crore has been disbursed so far. For 20 years, the ruling BJP has been using the West Odisha Development Council fund as a party fund. On the other hand, the chairman and members of the West Odisha Development Council are being appointed to accommodate the party members.
According to the CAG, the development of western Odisha has not been as smooth as it should have been. Most of the works in western Odisha are still incomplete. During the by-elections in Bijapur, Khod said that the Chief Minister would take charge of western Odisha and Gangadhar Mehar would dream of irrigation. However, State President of BJP Kisan Morcha and former MLA Mr. Pradeep Purohit alleged that the Chief Minister has cheated the entire people of Western Odisha by not starting the project after winning the election. “The CAG report has opened the mouth of the state government,” Purohit told a press conference at the state office.
The state government has deliberately laid down barriers to the development of western Odisha. In 2013, it was decided to prioritize the irrigation sector in western Odisha, while only 11.80 percent was spent on irrigation in 2015-16. The Development Council illegally paid Rs 9.11 crore to 143 private educational institutions for funding from MP and MLA Lad Funds during 2014-11. According to the 1991 Gedei Committee report, 38 out of 98 blocks under West Odisha Development Council were lagging behind and 25 were lagging behind. The state government ordered the development of these blocks in 2013, but they did not develop. During 2014–14, the council allocated Rs 609.62 crore, of which 45 percent, or 183.61 crores, was allocated for developed and developed blocks.
Many institutions, which have been completed with an investment of about Rs.3.13 crore, are yet to be utilized. In western Odisha, 10 plan supervisors and 6 sample research institutes have not invested Rs 151.7 crore. Due to the council’s irresponsibility in the case of Raulakela and Balangir College of Medicine, the people of the west are not getting better healthcare. As the West Odisha Development Council is not functioning properly, the state government has not kept it under its control and has given the status of an independent West Odisha Development Council, like Dasing Gorkha Hill Council, with an annual grant of Rs.1,000 crore.
With, regardless of party affiliation. The state government should take steps to create a West Odisha Development Council that can shift the development trend of western Odisha without the center of Thithan. Shri Purohit also demanded that the headquarters of West Odisha Development Council should be established anywhere in western Odisha. The state government receives Rs 250 crore annually from the central government. The state government has established a labor welfare fund for centrifugal workers, and has announced that 10,000 centrifugal workers will be able to receive scholarships and financial incentives for marriage and death.
But now the state government has said that 65,000 workers are deprived of the welfare scheme, which the state government has said will benefit 20, 000 years old workers from last year. Mr. Purohit demanded that the state government repeal it and implement the existing rules. State Spokesperson Shri Thakur Ranjit Das was present at the press conference.
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