The Federal Government Defrauded The State of Services and Goods

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Biswaranjan Mishra, 29/07/2020: Congress leader and former finance minister Panchanan Kanunjo questioned the BJP, saying that it was “sad and regrettable” that the Bharatiya Janata Party and its leaders were often foolish and misleading to the people of the state. Stuck. He is seen celebrating inside and outside the party office. Mr. Kanungo questioned the service and the goods. Isn’t the money given by the Center donated to the state and not legally eligible for the state? Under the Service and Goods Act, do these leaders not know that there is a provision for the state to pay the states by 2015-16 at the rate of 14% per annum from the base year 2015-16 to the year 2021-22? He and his officials know for what purpose the state government and the chief minister have not questioned the self-interest of the central government and in whose interest the charity has not been questioned. However, the state is expected to receive Rs 6,200 crore in GST revenue from the state’s statutory revenue for 2019-20. The state has received a total of Rs 5,122 crore. Isn’t that what BJP leaders have calculated because last year (2019-20) the yield on the state’s GST was 7.86%. The remaining 6.14% is to be filled by the center. Doesn’t Minister Dharmendra Pradhan know that this receipt has nothing to do with the epidemic? Mr. Pradhan does not know that the Union Finance Secretary has expressed his inability to pay the dues before the Standing Committee on Finance. This is because of the fact that the Cess, which is collecting compensation from the Center, is declining significantly. Doesn’t the BJP leader know this incompetence and incompetence of the central government? Those who once spoke of “one country, one tax” were encouraged to make the historic decision to implement the GST at midnight are the cause of the state’s financial crisis today. What will Dharmendra Babu and his team hide if they hide this?

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