Chandigarh: Madanpur Coop House Building Society was established in 1985 as an after effect of ’84 riots due to the then prevailing situation and got registered with Registrar Coop Societies, Punjab in 1985. The society had purchased its own land of size approx. 98 acres at Chappar Chiri, Mohali. A complete locality was planned and maps were made. The plots were then allotted to all 1083 members. Out of these, there are 340 members who had the plots registered in their names and the revenue department records are there. The infrastructure like internal roads, sewerage system etc was put in place.

As the land was classified as agriculture, the upcoming of the colony was delayed. Later, this area came into institutional zone and only in December 2016, it was recognized as residential zone. In our last Press conference in March 2019, we had given all the details that This Management Committee, in connivance of the Government Departments, was selling our 25 Acre land to distribute the profit to the members.  The Cooperative society Inspector, Mr. Lovjeet Singh had opened tenders for the constructions of the illegal building at the site of our society and the then Assistant Registrar, Mr. Amrik Singh had allowed the Management Committee to construct that building. This building was constructed without the approval of GMADA. GMADA had pasted a notice on 03.4.2019 on this building. Now in our RTI reply, GMADA had given that no Approval for this building was given, this building is illegal and file for demolition of this building has been moved to concerned Authority.

Since last year, all departments Registrar Cooperative Societies, Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies, Mohali, The Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies, Mohali have not taken any action on our complaints filed with proofs. Then, we had filed a writ CPW 12138/2019, in Hon’ble Haryana & Punjab High Court at Chandigarh. An Order dated 08.05.2019 was issued by the Hon’ble Court giving directions to the Registrar Cooperative Societies, Chandigarh to enquire all the complaints. On 20.05.2019, we had submitted all our complaints to the Registrar Cooperative Societies, Chandigarh and on the basis of our complaints, enquiries had been done by the Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies, Mohali and submitted his report on 18.07.2019 to the Registrar. Enquiry reports are in our favour but this Registrar Cooperative Societies, Chandigarh had given Order on the contrary of the Punjab Cooperative Societies Act 1961 & Rules 1963 to save the President, Vice-President and the General Secretary of the society alongwith other members of Management Committee of our Society.

All departments are seemingly having  HANDS IN GLOVES WITH THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE OF OUR SOCIETY AND TAKING DECISIONS BY KEEPING ALL RULES/ ACT OF THE SOCIETIES ASIDE. The enquiry reports of the Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies, Mohali show that the President of our society is still not the member of the society. He was given membership by his mother, Mrs. Vimaljit Kaur (the then President of our society), illegally. A writ No. CPW 27570/2019 has been filed by S. Sarabjit Singh who had filed the papers for the transfer of his father’s membership in his name, by submitting Registered Power of Attorney and had claimed his membership. But  Mrs. Vimaljit Kuar had fraudulently transferred that membership to her son, Mr. Manmeet Singh.  SO, PRESIDENT OF OUR SOCIETY IS STILL NOT THE MEMBER OF OUR SOCIETY.

Contrary Orders, dated 14.08.2019, issued by the Registrar Cooperative Societies, Chandigarh,  have been challenged by us in Hon’ble Haryana & Punjab High Court, Chandigarh vide our CPW 31938/2019 and Notice for motion has been issued on 05.11.2019.

  1. As per Section 26 of the Punjab Cooperative Societies Act 1961 , Section 26 [(1-C) as given below:

“ Each Committee shall, ninety days before the expiry of its term, make arrangements for the constitution of a new committee in accordance with the provisions of this Act and rules and bye-laws made thereunder.]”

Section 26 [(1-D) “ Where any committee has ceased to hold office and no committee has been constituted in accordance with the provisions of this Act and rules and bye-laws made thereunder, the Registrar may, by an order in writing, appoint a Government employee as Administrator for such period as may, from time to time, be specified in the order and the Administrator shall, before the expiry of the period of his appointment, arrange for the constitution of new committee in accordance with the provisions of this Act and rules and bye-laws made thereunder.]”

We have given a request letter to the Registrar Cooperative Societies, Chandigarh to appoint an Administrator as per the  above Act, but instead of appointing  an Administrator, they are allowing the Management Committee to hold AGM on 7.11.2019 for getting approval of all illegal Agendas which are against the Punjab Cooperative Societies Act.1961 and Rules 1963.

We, the members of this society, have been suffering for more than three decades. We don’t know from  whom we should seek help because all government departments are working in favour of the Management Committee of our society keeping aside the Acts and Rules of the Cooperative Societies.