The PCC President Demanded an extension of the deadline for farmers to submit agricultural insurance

Bhubaneswar, Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan, 30/07/2020: The state government has set a deadline of July 31 to file agricultural insurance as farmers in the state go on a hunger strike in the current Karona situation, PCC president Niranjan Patnaik said in a press release. “Our Congress party, especially the farmers, has made many demands and appeals to both the central and state governments to address the Karona situation, but the government has not listened to us,” he said. In the region, for example, many farmers in Saharpada Lamp or Dhan Mandi in Keonjhar district, who have been selling paddy between January and March 2020, have not been able to sell their paddy in the area, for example. The PCC president urged the government to take immediate action to pay the farmers’ paddy prices, even though they did not get the price of the paddy. While the central and state governments have accepted all government financial cuts and non-payment of covidium disease prevention, it is nothing but an anti-farmer policy to set a deadline of July 31 this year to pay agricultural insurance money from farmers. For a long time, the central and state governments have been shutting down agricultural and commodity trade, including farming for lockdowns and shutdowns. Therefore, PCC President Shri Patnaik has demanded that the government extend the deadline for payment of agricultural insurance till August 15. “If the government wanted to pay the insurance premiums for the current year in the name of the farmers, it would have benefited the farmers of the state,” said PCC president Niranjan Patnaik.

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