This Purnima Ki Raat: Witness the ultimate clash between Hero and Dansh

Mumbai: Sony SAB’s Hero-Gayab Mode On, the fantasy-drama show has kept the audience hooked with its thrilling storyline all over the Country. The upcoming episodes are bound to set the viewers on the edge of their seats as Hero (Abhishek Nigam) is determined to destroy Dansh’s (Manish Wadhwa) plan to find the ring-bearer. The duo is about to lock horns and get into a final blow-off on the night when the full moon is at its peak as Hero is.

In the upcoming episodes, Hero finds about the bug on Zara (Yesha Rugani) that Dansh has placed and destroys it. While Dansh gets to know from Shukracharya (Ajay Gehi) that the moon’s position and power on this night can help him catch the ring bearer, Hero comes face-to-face with him. As per Shukracharya’s message, in the moonlight of Purnima Ki Raat, Hero starts getting visible in front of Dansh, Rocky, and Zara on the same spot. On one hand, where Zara is saved, Hero and Dansh are set to unleash the ultimate clash between them.

After full hit and miss, will Hero’s identity be revealed in front of Dansh?

Abhishek Nigam aka Hero said, “Playing Hero has always been fascinating to me and this unfolding of secrets will undoubtedly take the viewers on the roller-coaster ride of emotions as well as fun. Hero is set to face Dansh in a face-to-face battle, which is about to create havoc as it is also a test of whether Veer is ready to fight against his father, Amalnanda who is Dansh. It will be interesting for the viewers to know the little secrets that this show is about to reveal real soon.”

Manish Wadhwa aka Dansh said, “My character of Dansh in the show is getting challenging every day but the interesting twists and turns will never stop for its viewers. Now that Dansh and Hero are about to unleash the battle between them, it will be interesting for the audience to witness how will Hero being visible in front of him will affect Dansh and take the ring from him”