UT Administration Take Further Steps to Tackle Corona Virus


Chandigarh/ 16th March 2020: The  UT Administrator and the Governor of Punjab   Sh. V. P. Singh Badnore today held a meeting with the Adviser Sh. Manoj Parida, IAS and the top brass of the UT Administration and discussed wide-ranging issues.

Cinema Halls, Gymnasiums Swimming Pools,  Pubs, Spa Centres, Video Gaming Centres, Shopping Malls  and Coaching Centers closed till 31st March

The most significant issue that came up for discussion was ways to address the situation in the wake of Corona Virus disease. It was decided that the gathering of more than 100 people would be banned. Further, the Cinema Halls, Gymnasiums Swimming Pools,  Pubs, Spa Centres, Video Gaming Centres, Shopping Malls and Coaching Centers in the UT Chandigarh will be closed till March 31. However, the closure won’t apply to groceries and the medicine shops in order to enable the people to meet their essential needs.

It was also decided to declare masks and sanitizers as essential items until June 30th, 2020. The possibility of fixing the common price for masks and sanitizers will also be further explored. Isolation wards have also been set up in all the major hospitals of UT Chandigarh. To date, there is no case of coronavirus in the city.

With regard to the retirement age of the UT employees, it was decided to refer the issue to the Union Home Ministry which is expected to decide the same before 31st March, 2020. Meanwhile, it was also decided that the extension would be given to Doctors and paramedical staff as is being done by the Punjab Government.

Among other key decisions taken in the meeting included the Sukhna catchment area survey which would begin tomorrow i.e. 17th March.

The MC Chandigarh was also directed to prepare the agenda of issues that require to be attended. In this regard, a meeting will be held with Mayor, Commissioner Municipal Corporation.