Weapons for CAPF 

New Delhi:

The following actions have been taken to fast-track the procurement procedure in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF)s in the current financial year:

i.          Clubbing of Provisioning Sanction with Authorization. Now there are only two stages i.e. authorization-cum-provisioning sanction and expenditure sanction against earlier three stages for procurement.

ii.         Power of approving Qualitative Requirements (QRs)/Trial Directives (TDs) has been delegated to Directors General of Nodal (DSG), CAPFs.

iii.       The trial of samples once conducted during the tender process for technical evaluation will have the validity of 1-2 years to avoid recurrent trials.

iv.        Delegated financial power of DSG, CAPFs has been enhanced from Rs. 1 Crore to Rs. 5 Crore under budget head Information Technology (IT) and for procurement of items for a trial purpose from Rs. 1 Crore to Rs. 2 Crore.

v.         Special DG/ADG in charge of Provisioning in CAPFs shall head the meeting of Tender Purchase Committee (TPC) instead of DSG, CAPFs.

vi.        Delegated financial power of DSG, CAPFs have been further delegated to lower functionaries (till the Commandant) for procurement of stores under the various provisioning heads.

vii.      DSG, CAPFs have been delegated financial power for procurement of motor vehicles for their newly raised units/establishments up to Rs. 20 Cr. in each case.

viii.     CAPFs have been allowed to invoke 100% tolerance clause under ongoing contract and up to 100% repeat order clause under successful execution of an original contract of CAPFs.