Where has the state government’s Rs 500 crore corpus fund for the protection and assistance of migrant workers gone ?: Golak Mohapatra

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, BISWARANJAN MISHRA, 06/08/2012: Migrant workers have been the hardest hit during the Carona crisis. Outside the state, more than one million Oriya workers were employed in various jobs. Migrant workers are now living in their respective villages as various organizations are closed during the Carona epidemic. Many workers are fleeing because of a lack of jobs and livelihoods. The state government and its officials have made false promises to migrant workers by claiming jobs during the Karona epidemic. Does the state government have a list of people who have moved out of the state for work? Where did the Rs 500 crore corpus fund set up by the state government for the protection and assistance of migrant workers go? When will workers’ friends be appointed in each panchayat to help migrant workers? Despite this, the state government is neither identifying them nor engaging them in any work. The Supreme Court has directed all state governments to map the skills of migrants. BJP state general secretary Golak Mohapatra alleged that the Uttar Pradesh government had complied with the order and started hiring for the benefit of migrant workers, but the state government had not yet implemented it. The state government needs to identify migrant workers and map their skills. But that hasn’t happened yet. The state government does not have a list of how many workers came from outside the state during the corona and how many have now left the state for work. The state government has been spreading false rumors that we will give jobs. If the state government really wants to provide jobs to migrant workers, the government should make a list of the jobs, departments, posts, salaries and years of experience of migrant workers in their respective states. On January 15 this year, the state government set up a corpus fund of Rs 500 crore to protect and assist migrant workers. How far has it been implemented? Although the state government has included 11 districts, it has not been implemented in many districts. It was also decided to open a help desk outside the state for migrant workers. But it is limited to all files. Similarly, in each panchayat, workers’ friends were asked to be employed to provide assistance to migrant workers and to provide permanent housing to the workers, but that did not happen. The state government, which has not been able to create jobs and livelihoods for 20 years, is now widely accused of making false promises to migrant workers that the state government and its officials would provide jobs during the Karona epidemic. Mr. Mohapatra demanded that the state government list the number of migrant workers and how many days they would hire them.