World Disability Day: Drum Circle held for children with special needs 

Chandigarh, 03 Dec, 2019: The Down Syndrome Support Group India (DSSGI) in association with the Classico Outlet at Food Box, VR Punjab hosted a Drum Circle for children with special needs to celebrate World Disability Day today.

The drum circle event was conceived by Ms. Shivani Dhillon, founder, and operator of both Down Syndrome Support Group India and Classico Outlet. Her vision and goal are to gear their outlet as an example of employment opportunities for specially-abled children. Shivani’s facebook page “Down Syndrome Support Group India” gives information and motivates parents of children with special needs and Down Syndrome.

Ms. Shivani Dhillon said, “Djimbe Drums are traditional drums from Africa. Drumming can be a powerful tool to support children with special needs to help them address their social and communication needs, fine and gross motor skills. They also enhance their cognitive skills.”

Children with special needs sat together and played the drums. The community is encouraged to play the drums alongside the children and lead by example.

A 7-member band “Flowing Karma” also joined in on their wheelchairs and played at this event. This band is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Spinal Rehab Center in Chandigarh.