Yesha Rughani’s reveals the secret behind chic fashion and shares makeup tips for her fans

Mumbai: Yesha Rughani’s talent as an actress is well known to everyone, with a splendid performance alongside the heartthrob Abhishek Nigam, Yesha has managed to steal the hearts of the audience with her acting as well as fashion skills.

Essaying the role of the starlet, Zara in Sony Sab Hero – Gayab Mode On, Yesha is a simple girl next door but with a smacking sense of fashion. She pools some easy and chic fashion tips with her fans and those who are keen on grooming themselves but do not know where to start.

Yesha Rughani who plays the role of Zara said, “Yesha Rughani who plays the role of Zara said, “Fashion and makeup go hand in hand. Anyone interested in knowing about fashion naturally fosters a preference for makeup trends and vice versa. Fashion is a synonym for comfort, and I only abide by those fashion trends I am comfortable in. I have a soft corner for vintage style as it’s something that is exceptionally beautiful. As I have studied styling, I always make sure whatever I buy I use it in many ways from a skirt to a scarf. I make sure I style it in various ways for multiple events.  I would always prefer a sweatshirt and pajama and whatever I am wearing reflects my mood for that day. Playing Zara has changed a lot in my life I really love her styling and the glam makeup she does. I am learning
a lot from my role in terms of fashion and make-up as well. I majorly get my makeup tips from my sisters they always advise me of easy things which I can do for makeup when I am going out. One tip I follow a lot is applying tint and that would give your face a fresh look”*

Fashion is a synonym for comfort, and I only abide by those fashion trends I am comfortable in. Even in makeup, I use only those products which are suitable for my skin type. As an artist, we are required to wear makeup for long hours, and hence whenever I am not working, I follow an effortless makeup routine just some BB cream or moisturizer, balm, and eyeliner or kajal depending on my outfit. As far as clothing is concerned, I keep changing my preference according to the trends. When harem pants were in fashion, I collected them in almost all the colors available. Currently, I am going gala over the tie and dye trend. I am also someone who believes in reusing your old clothes so that every time you wear them, it gives you a new look. Might adding some accessory with it or styling it differently.”

She furthers adds, “I am a huge fan of Deepika’s fashion sense as her fashion quotient is always inspiring yet easy-going. Whereas when it comes to makeup, I love to watch bloggers and vloggers who upload all those fascinating makeup videos. Those videos are very useful as well. All those who are keen on learning makeup at home should watch those videos. I am a person who likes doing makeup but for important occasions and while shooting I do have learned few new techniques of makeup from my makeup artist.”