Youth Congress Celebrates Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Birthday as “National Unemployment Day”

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, 17/09/2020: The event was celebrated in a unique way by young Congress workers who filter and sell poultry. In his election speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi looted the vote of innocent youth of the country, promising to provide two crore jobs in a year. The Youth Congress today launched the Pakora sales program to remind Prime Minister Modi of his “Pakoda sales appointment” remarks. In this regard, Mr. Lenka said that Prime Minister Shri Modi has betrayed the entire youth society. Unemployment has broken a long record of 45 years. The widespread use of automobiles has put the youth on the road. Under Narendra Modi’s dream of a 5 trillion economy, GDP has increased to 23.9%. In the wake of the crisis, young people are struggling to meet, but the Prime Minister has not announced any plans to curb unemployment. There is no employment information in the self-declared package announced by the Prime Minister. Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, Urjit Patel, Khud’s finance minister’s husband and former vice-chairman of the policy committee, economist Karkala Prabhakar, are associated with the country’s troubled economy and severe unemployment. Not ready to listen to it. The plight of the youth in India is part of Narendra Modi’s cover-up. Today, while the youth are struggling for the union, On the call of All India Youth Congress, President of State Youth Congress Dr. K. Under the leadership of Smriti Ranjan Lenka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday is celebrated as ‘National Unemployment Day’ at the Master Canteen Square in Bhubaneswar. Narendra Modi is avoiding the issue. The State Youth Congress fined youth activists under the Covid-19 Act to suppress today’s program. But all the cowardly rules were followed by the Youth Congress, ”he said. Lenka said. The Youth Congress president said that in the coming days, the Youth Congress would oppose selling poultry in every block and district, begging, polishing shoes, and celebrating the next seven days as ‘Unemployment Week’. Lenka revealed. Youth Congress leaders Shri Ajay Kumar Sahu, Nalinikanth Nayak, Manas Kar, Ranjit Patra, Swagat Kar, Shakuna Kaher, Arybir Lenka, Mohammad Aleem, Nihar Ranjan Dheera, Biplab Shiladitya, Balakrishna Rautraya, Ashutosh Lenka Sunil Matia, Gautam Das, Aditya Parida, Gyan Ranjan Raut, Karthikeshwar Kandy, Itismita Patra, Harekrishna Mohanty were also present.