Youth Congress Demanded That The Government Wants To Stop The World Famous Rath Yatra

Bhubaneswar, Taruna Kanta Mohanty, 29/06/2020: The state government is plotting to end the world famous Rath Yatra today. The first servant of Jagat Nath Jagannath, the revered deity of the Oriya nation, has revealed the truth behind it in an electronic media. In his speech, he said in a letter to Law Minister Pratap Jena and Chief Minister on 15 April that Mahaprabhu’s policy was impossible for the Akshay III to Niladri BJP after the lockout for Karauna on 24 March. There was a risk of stopping the chariot of God, like the 6-day chariot was stopped. But neither the Law Minister nor the Chief Administrative Secretary took any action. As the government did not clarify the matter, as the procession drew near, the first servant again wrote a letter to the Chief Minister on 28 April and expressed his feelings to the management committee on the proposal of the Bhakti procession. But no answer came. A meeting of the management committee was held on 7 May and the state government sought views from the central government. On 7 May, the central government asked for the Rath Yatra in compliance with the Kovid regime. On 6 June the High Court, after filing a petition in the Hon’ble High Court to stop the procession, asked the state government to take a decision on the matter, but the government took no action. The case went to the Supreme Court and some social organizations, such as the Development Council, sponsored the appeal and called for a halt to the Rath Yatra. Eminent lawyers like Advocate General on behalf of the state government defended the government. The people of Odisha hoped that the government would have hired such a skilled lawyer to conduct the rath yatra. But ironically, Harish Salve argued that 10 to 12 lakh people would attend the rally, arguing in support of the petition and stopping the rally. On June 19, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ban. The question here is why did the state government appoint such a famous lawyer to stop the rath yatra with the tax money of the people of Odisha? Why did Harish Salve not inform the Hon’ble Supreme Court about the alternative system, ie Bhakti procession? Why did the Advocate General, the legal advisor to the state government, not give him the correct information? The Advocate General is fully responsible for this. The 5th Secretary said, “Chief Minister Jagannath is a great devotee.” If this is true, then the Chief Minister’s devotion and honest behavior towards Jagannath is questionable. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Law Minister, and Advocate General have all conspired to stop the procession. The State Government and Advocate General who play with the sentiments of millions of Jagannath lovers will not be tolerated. The Odisha Pradesh Youth Congress has demanded the expulsion of the government, which is grossly negligent towards the law minister Jagat Nath Jagannath, advocating for the general involved in such reckless and anti-people activities. “If they are not expelled within seven hours, the Provincial Youth Congress will intensify their protest and block the new residence,” he said. The above issues were addressed by the President of the Provincial Youth Congress Drs. Smriti Ranjan Lenka. Manas Ranjan Kar, Sankuna Kaher, Aryabir Lenka, Shashikant Lenka, Swagat Kar, Biswaranjan Das, Nalinikanth Nayak, Ajay Sahu, Gyan Ranjan Raut, Durgamadhav Mahala, Alok Kumar Das, Harekrishna Behera, etc.