Zee Punjabi’s ‘ Chhoti Jathani’ Reels are popping up with some amazing Reels on Instagram 

Chandigarh, June 15th, 2021: Instagram can be seen buzzing on some amazing Reels. Some of them are just amazing in uplifting your mood. And with new trends popping up now and then, Zee Punjabi’s new Reel on ‘Chhoti Jathani’ is a feel-good vibe. The show has premiered on June 14th on Zee Punjabi and is a talk of the town. The Reel on Darani Jathani boli is ruling the Punjabi Reel trend these days. So, what are you waiting for, dive right in and be a part of the trend?

The boli show the funny banter and war of words between Darani Jathani and you’ll know that this Reel trend can be really funny. This trend is so visually appealing that almost is like you are watching a typical banter for 30 seconds.

Well, to watch the actual background behind this banter don’t forget to switch your television screens from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm only on Zee Punjabi which will take you to the world of the twisted relationship between Darani and Jathani.